Goa Casinos To Remain On Lockdown Until May 10th

As India is currently dealing with one of the worst COVID outbreaks globally, restrictions have been ordered by the local government to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Now, the restrictions set in place do not allow Goa casinos to open to the general public until May 10th, 2021. In addition to casinos, restaurants, … Read more

Mandovi Floating Casino Upgrades Coming In 2022

Deltin Caravela Casino

The Delta Corporation announced that they will be replacing their Deltin Caravela gaming vessel with a larger floating casino in the Mandovi River sometime in 2022.  The new vessel is reportedly costing around $20.5 million to build with the anticipation that it will increase the Delta Corporation’s revenue onward. The new vessel is being constructed by the … Read more

New Casino Resort Construction In Goa Receives Provisional Approval

Delta Corp Casino Players

Delta Corp has been granted a provisional approval to construct a new casino-style resort in Goa.  For those of you not familiar with Indian domestic casino gambling, Delta Corp. is India’s leading gaming operator with three floating casinos and three land-based casinos throughout Goa and Sikkim. Their floating casinos are currently located in the Mandovi … Read more

GOA Casinos Set To Open Post-Pandemic At 50% Capacity

Goa - Big Daddy Casino

In March of 2020, Goa casinos were ordered to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now state officials say that the six floating casinos and other resort-style casinos can open Nov. 1st but must follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s) issued by the home department.  Before the pandemic hit India, Goa’s domestic casinos were booming, averaging … Read more

India Online Poker Takes Off During Pandemic Lockdown

India online poker

Indian residents have been playing poker since the game was first invented in the 1800s; now residents have more options to win the pot than ever before with the rise in online poker play.  While gambling is illegal in most states across India, except for Goa, Sikkim, and Daman, players often turn to online services … Read more

Online Casino Boom Spreads Across India During Lockdown

India's online casino spike

It’s no surprise that while the Coronavirus pandemic is still looming in India, gamblers are trying their luck with online casinos, but what most people don’t understand is that Indian residents can legally bet online without breaking any federal gambling laws.  States with domestic casinos (Goa and Daman) were forced to shut down on March 15th due … Read more

Goa Casinos Offer Assistance To Fight Coronavirus

Deltin floating casino

Despite restrictions that order Goa’s casinos to stay closed during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), some casinos have offered assistance to help fight the virus.  The Casino Pride group is known for its floating casinos, and several brick-and-mortar locations. Casino Pride has released a statement saying that they are supporting 25 Georgian nationals by providing them … Read more

Fern Kadamba Hotel Adds Casino In Goa

Fern Kadamba Casino

The Goa state government has approved a new casino located at the Fern Kadamba Hotel despite an ongoing push to remove the floating casinos from the Mandovi River. The addition of the Fern Kadamba Hotel Casino brings the land-locked casino count to 9 within state borders.  For months Goa state officials have been trying to … Read more

Poker Tournaments Make Their Way To India

india poker cards

Two big poker tournaments are currently scheduled to take place in the Indian state of Goa. The Baazi Poker Tour and the India Poker Championship will both take place in January at local Goa casinos. Both tournaments will allow online poker betting as well as live-action.   Baazi Poker Tour The Baazi Poker Tour is currently underway at Casino Pride … Read more

Kiren Rijiju Unclear About Sports Betting Legalization

Kiren Rijiju

Kiren Rijiju is the current Indian Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs and the Minister of State. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a lawyer, and serves as a member of the Lok Sabha. His views on gambling and sports betting specifically are highly regarded.  Last year the Law Minister Amar Singh … Read more