India Legal Online Keno

Indian Players AcceptedThere are many different styles of games in licensed online casinos. From games of skill and games of chance to specialty games as well.  Keno is one such game that is often found in the ‘specialty games’ section of the menu at reputable India online casinos. Numbers games are a traditional form of entertainment in India, which explains the popularity of Keno and similar games such as Satta Matka. Satta Matka is a popular lottery-style game that has since moved into a gray area of legality. Since Satta is no longer as prominent within the legal sector of gambling entertainment, players have begun finding different alternatives. Keno provides a close variation to Satta Matka and can be found in multiple India friendly online casinos. We’ve built this page entirely around Keno, specifically for the India online gambling market. You will find information on how Keno works, where to play legal online Keno, Keno strategy and more.

What Is Keno?Judge

Keno is basically a casino’s version of a lottery. Players select number combinations in hopes they are drawn by an automated selector. It was originally developed in China. Funds derived from Keno were reportedly used to fund the building of the Great Wall. This is similar to how modern lottery structures work, where accrued revenue is applied to infrastructure, education, etc.

Is It Legal To Play Keno Online In India?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to participate in online keno that is hosted by an offshore online casino location and licensed by a legitimate jurisdiction. There are no active Indian gambling laws that explicitly forbid Indian players from gambling with this quasi-lottery style game on an offshore online platform. However, players should be worried about gambling on India-based keno sites as legality issues could arise.

How Do I Play Keno?

Keno is played by selecting number combinations. The numbers range from 1-80 and players can select up to 15 numbers (range is usually 10-15). Once you have selected your numbers, a random number generator (known as RNG technology in the online gambling industry) will draw 20 The payout rates fluctuate based on how many numbers you pick and the payout structure implemented by the online casino you are using. For example, betting on 1 number hitting versus 15 will give you greater odds.

Best Online Casinos To Play Keno In India

Our team of online gambling analysts has found the best available online Keno sites accepting India residents. These brands have been vetted for legal licensing, regulation, game selection, security features, customer service options and promotional incentives. Feel free to browse these sites for yourself without making an account. You will also find variations of Keno including 40-Ball, 80-Ball and more. Use the links provided in the table below to be redirected to our recommended sites.

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Elements Of Keno Game

When playing Keno, look out for these key elements:

Keno Card

The Keno Card is a grid of numbers that pop up in the game lobby. It is similar to a lottery ticket in terms of its layout and function. You will see numbers 1-80. Standard Keno Cards are 8X10. In an online casino, you can use your mouse to select which numbers you want.

Pay Table

The Pay Table shows what the payout levels are for how many numbers you hit. For example, if you place a $1 wager and select 10 numbers, hitting all 10 numbers will land you $10,000. Payout structures tend to change per online casino site, so be sure to review these before placing your wager. Most paytables have 2 columns—1 for the number of hits and the other for the associated payout level.

Quick Pick

This feature may not be available in all online Keno sites. Quick Pick randomly selects ‘x’ amount of numbers for you instead of you picking yourself. It is a speedier way of going about picking your numbers. This is similar to the Quick Pick option in most standard lottery cards. As far as we know, there is no statistical advantage or disadvantage to using Quick Pick versus selecting your own numbers.

Bet Selector

In most online Keno game lobbies, there is a box somewhere that allows you to increase/decrease your wager. Use the arrows on either side of the box to adjust your wager. The Pay Table should adjust accordingly.

Keno Strategy

Keno is a game of chance, so it is hard to implement a sound strategy that will guarantee results. Many have tried to develop algorithms that predict Keno drawings, but there is no validity to any particular model. We do not support any proposed Keno predictor models because, in theory, they would change pending the site you use and again, have no guaranteed mathematical backing to them.

That being said, there are still a couple of things you can do to help increase your odds of winning more money. These are more betting strategies than anything else, but they can help you out along the way.

Figure Out The Payout Ratios

Online casinos have their own payout ratios with Keno. Before wagering, play around the projected ratios to determine your betting strategy. For example, there may be a difference between 9 of 14 numbers hitting versus 9 of 17. In some cases, picking more numbers may prove beneficial. These are situation-based problems and depend on how the payout ratios are structured, but doing this can help maximize your earnings.

Work Up From The Minimum

This strategy involves being a more conservative player, but it can help extend your Keno life in online casinos. Start by wagering the minimum amount allowed. If you win, increase your bet. If you lose, decrease it. Some strategies give you a number amount to increase your wager by, but we feel it is best to leave that up to your discretion as people are working with different bankrolls. This conservative strategy can be utilized in other casino games like roulette, blackjack and more.

Betting The Same Numbers

Keno is a game of chance, so when it comes to which numbers you choose, it is a matter of personal opinion. Much like the standard lottery, some players feel that betting the same numbers consistently increases their chances of winning, while others believe mixing up your numbers has greater odds. Truth is, there is no mathematically guaranteed approach to winning more in Keno.

Are Online Keno Games Fair?

Yes. All of our recommended online casinos incorporate RNG technology into their casino software. This technology works like an automated shuffler or number drawer in a lottery game. Mathematical algorithms help pull randomized card, slot and number drawings in each turn. RNG technology is subject to frequent testing to ensure quality assurance from iGaming technology providers.

Can I Play Online Keno With Rupees?

Yes. All of our Rupee friendly casinos allow you to use the native India currency to play online Keno. You can make India online casino deposits using the following options:

There will be minimum and maximum deposit amount requirements, but the range is wide enough to accommodate most bettors. Out of these options, credit/debit cards are the most inconsistent due to India gambling laws. eWallets are the most popular methods, with Skrill and Neteller being the most commonly used services.

Are There Keno Exclusive Bonuses For India Players?

Depends on the casino site you are using. More often than not, general casino bonuses can be applied to Keno games. The most common type of bonus available is a match bonus, where the online casino matches your deposit by a percentage up to a certain amount. New players are often awarded match bonuses on their first deposit. Pay attention to the terms and conditions with each bonus type, as these can affect when you are eligible for withdrawal.

Keno — The Satta Matka Alternative

Satta Matka is a hard game to replace due to its popularity within Indian culture. The current legal framework does not permit brick-and-mortar games, though residents can find unregulated ventures operating illegally. There is an online Satta Matka market with mobile capabilities, but these sites do not afford the same advantages as licensed offshore casinos and do not offer real money games.

If you look at how Satta Matka is played, you will see how similar Keno is. They are both games of skill that align with the lottery style of gambling. Players select random number combinations in anticipation of a random drawing. Payout levels shift based on the numbers selected. The only real differences are that legal online Keno is available through India online casinos, whereas Satta Matka is not. Also, Keno games come with bonuses that can help extend your bankroll. You will not find such an advantage in a Satta Matka game.