AstroPay Card Casino Deposits Using India Rupees

Indian Players AcceptedAstroPay casino deposits are a reliable option for Indian gamblers. One of the problems that many bettors outside of the US and UK face when trying to gamble at legal online casinos are limited deposit method options that work with their local currency. Players from India tend to discover that Indian Rupees (INR) are generally not accepted at most licensed online casinos or in conjunction with most online payment methods. When a player's local currency is not accepted it usually detours the potential player.

To combat this discretion, online casinos have opened their virtual banking suites to allow alternative payment methods, such as Astropay. Astropay and services like it strive to make currency exchange as effortless as possible. Astropay accepts local currencies and provides over 200 local options for deposits and withdrawals.

This guide will discuss the Astropay banking services in detail and inform India's residents how to use the service to fund legally sanctioned online casino gambling.  So you are probably asking, what exactly is Astropay and how does it work?

What Is AstroPay And Is It Legal To Use In India?


AstroPay is an online payment service that allows individuals to use either the “Astropay Direct” or “Astro Card” service. Each method provides players with the option to purchase or accept currency in various formats including EUR, USD, GBP, BRL, RMP, JPY, TRY, INR, THB, ARS, and others. Astropay is legal to use in India as there are no local, federal, or gambling laws preventing the use of the service.

Top Online Casinos Accepting AstroPay Cards

AstroPay is becoming popular among premium online casinos that cater to International regions. Below are the top sites listed in our casino guide that accept AstroPay. We recommend the following sites based on their reputation, quality, and legal standing.

Site NameBonus OfferAccepts IndiaVisit Site

How Do I Set Up An AstroPay Account?

Visit or the mobile app and choose a service you would like to use. In this case, we want to choose the Astro Card service. The Astro Card service will allow us to purchase a different form of currency. Once the account is registered and confirmed, you will be able to log in and purchase a card that holds Rupees (INR).

AstroPay DeviceHow Will I Receive My Astro Card?

Astro Cards are digital and the card information will go to the email address used to verify the account. Once an account holder selects their preferred currency and the amount to purchase, all that’s left is to pay for the card with your local currency. Funds transfer to the Astro Card instantaneously once payment is received. A digital Astro Card will provide the buyer with the card number, security code, expiration, amount, and currency. The owner can then use the card number to fund an online casino bankroll.

An additional AstroPay application is available to download in the google apps store. The app is good for storing multiple cards and for quick access to your money.

How To Use An Astro Card To Fund A Casino Account

Using an Astro Card is simple and just like entering credit card information. Once you have obtained the card numbers you are ready to go.

  1. Sign up or sign in to your online casino account
  2. Navigate to the cashier’s page
  3. Choose the AstroPay option
  4. Enter in the amount you would like to send to your bankroll
  5. Enter in the card information
  6. Choose a bonus option (if applicable)
  7. Click the “deposit” button

Once the payment has been submitted, funds will show in your bankroll as soon as you refresh the page. You are now ready to start enjoying some real money casino games at one of the trusted online casinos listed in this guide.

Benefits Of Using AstroPay Cards

AstroPay Cards

Most users agree that the best benefit of using an AstroPay Card is the currency service. AstroPay Card gives users the ability to fund their online casino account with India Rupees. Users also like the fact that they don’t have to give their personal information to sites that use the AstroPay service. Keeping personal information private helps to prevent sites from selling your personal information and can protect you against identity theft and annoying robocalls.

Most online casinos will ask for your personal information during registration, but not having to link your bank account or credit card information could be beneficial in several ways. Below we have listed the benefits explained above and why anyone who is having currency issues should check into AstroPay.

  1. Fund online casino account with Rupees
  2. AstroPay offers 100% guarantee
  3. Instant deposits
  4. Offers high or low values
  5. Confidential service
  6. Accepted by top casino brands
  7. Protects private financial information from third party viewing

Is An AstroPay Card An E-Wallet?

No. An AstroPay Card acts like a prepaid debit card except you can use an AstroPay Card to buy other forms of currency. An AstroPay Card can fund an e-Wallet and is generally accepted by most of the big e-Wallet players including Neteller and Skrill.

Can I Withdraw My Casino Winnings To An AstroPay Card?

Yes, the online casinos on this page will let you withdraw your winnings to an AstroPay Card. Most sites set a minimum withdrawal amount around ₹ 1,000. Bodog will let players withdraw up to ₹ 100,000 a day.

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