Mandovi Floating Casino Upgrades Coming In 2022

The Delta Corporation announced that they will be replacing their Deltin Caravela gaming vessel with a larger floating casino in the Mandovi River sometime in 2022. 

The new vessel is reportedly costing around $20.5 million to build with the anticipation that it will increase the Delta Corporation’s revenue onward. The new vessel is being constructed by the Waterways Shipyard and is expected to be complete in 12-18 months. Below is a video that shows the Deltin Caravela compared to other floating casinos in the Mandovi River.

The Deltin Caravela is the Deltin Corp’s smallest vessel, according to chief financial officer Hardik Dhebar who told the India Times that once it is complete, the new vessel will be docked. 

Deltin’s Land-Based Casino

The Deltin Corporation is also planning a land-based gambling resort nestled near the airport in Goa. The resort will span about 100 acres and is strategically positioned near the airport to attract tourists from Goa. The new resort will also feature a 300-400 room hotel with other attractions, including a waterpark and movie theatre. 

Currently, Goa’s land-based casinos are not allowed to house table games, and only 6 floating casinos currently have table games. When asked if the land-based casino would have table games, Dhebar told the media that they hope that in four to five years, when the project is complete, the state laws will change. 

Laws Surrounding Online Casinos

India gambling laws do not mention online gambling as most of the laws predate the online boom. Since no laws are forbidding online casino gambling in India, online sites often cater to Indian players by offering different incentives such as bonus offers and rupee casinos

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