Goa Casinos Offer Assistance To Fight Coronavirus

Despite restrictions that order Goa’s casinos to stay closed during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), some casinos have offered assistance to help fight the virus. 

The Casino Pride group is known for its floating casinos, and several brick-and-mortar locations. Casino Pride has released a statement saying that they are supporting 25 Georgian nationals by providing them food and shelter while they wait for flights to resume. Casino Pride representative Srinivas Nayak told the media that they are in good hands and safe in their accommodations. 

The Deltin Group contributed ₹51 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund after lockdowns were announced in late March. The Deltin Group is also providing meals to on-duty police officers enforcing the lockdown guidelines. Deltin Group chairman Jaydev Mody told the media that they are creating awareness to the general public and that many Indian’s remain vulnerable to COVID-19. Mody also said that the Deltin group is sourcing essential items such as medicine, medical devices, and vital food products for Indian nationals. 

India is currently closing in on 50k COVID cases, with almost 1,700 deaths. The virus is greatly effecting those that live in close quarters and those who have underlying health issues. There is no vaccine for the virus, but numerous companies around the globe are testing new vaccines. 

In Goa, casinos are widely considered taboo among religious groups but are allowed for tourism purposes. There have been ongoing efforts to remove the floating casinos from the Mandovi River, but no solution has been reached. Today there are 19 casinos in the state of Goa with 13 domestic locations and 6 offshore floating casinos.

Indian residents can also access online mobile casinos operating outside of India. Online casinos offer numerous deposit options, including Rupees, USD, and Bitcoin. Bitcoin offers the fastest transaction times with little to no wait. You can also buy Bitcoin with Rupees to take full advantage of additional bonus offers extended to Bitcoin depositors. 

COVID-19 is expected to peak across India in early to mid-May so right now is the time to take extra precautions. It’s good to know that India casinos and other industries are taking a backseat and offering their support during this global crisis.