Goa Casino Strip To Come To Coastline But Only For Tourists

Goa Panaji Coastline

Several official announcements have been made in regard to India’s coastal state of Goa and its changing casino industry. Goa offers land-based and floating casinos which service all those within the Goa region. However, according to the state’s Agricultural Minister Vijai Sardesai floating casinos in Goa could be moved onshore once and for all. In … Read more

New Riverboat Casino Reaches Goa; Cruise Ships Demand Gambling

Argosy IV to India

Goa will see an old American floating casino in its waters and cruise ships in India demand the allowance of gambling closer inshore. India’s Pride Group of Casinos and Hotels must dry-dock their two currently in use floating casino boats, Casino Pride I and Casino Pride II at Ratnagiri for repairs. During the two ships … Read more

The Future of Goa’s Casino Market

Goa floating casinos

Analysts from Union Gaming have predicted Goa’s casino market to reach the $1 billion mark in a few years’ time. Goa currently offers floating casinos and land-based casino venues to patrons. However, during 2018 Goa imposed higher casino licensing fees and taxes which came as a surprise to many of Goa’s operators, some of which … Read more

Illegal Gambling Racket In India Points Towards Reform

poker chips on table

Uncovering illegal gambling schemes is common, especially in places where regulations are obscure or not present at all. However, illegal gambling schemes that lead to legislative overhaul are not so common, though that is the case with the Indian state Maharashtra. Indian news outlet, The Hindu, reported that the local Maharashtra government is planning to … Read more

Goa Casinos Face Yet Another Obstacle

After recent issues concerning licensing fee hikes in the Indian state of Goa, another financial burdening obstacle pokes its ugly head. According to local reports, ten of Goa’s biggest casinos are under investigation by India’s Tax Agency known as the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) for evading three years of service taxes on their licensing … Read more

Casinos Forced to Pay Licensing Fee Hike or Face Shut Down

In March, the Indian state of Goa, through its government, announced a steep rise in casino licensing fees for both venues on land and in water in an effort to boost local revenue. This raise quadrupled fees for all casinos, and the fee grew exponentially as the capacity size of the casino was considered. Many … Read more

The India Law Commission’s Proposed Crackdown On Illegal Gambling

In New Delhi, the Law Commission is proposing a new legislation to legalize sports betting and establish some new gambling regulations. In an effort to curb questionable gambling activities the panel believes that strict regulation would eliminate some of the illegal activities that generate black money on the streets of India. They stated that it … Read more

Rising Fantasy Sports Industry Exempt From India Gambling Laws

On April 18th of 2017, Justice Amit Rawal ruled in the Punjab and Haryana High Courts that playing fantasy sports online does not fall under the scope of Indian gambling laws. Under a 29-page order, the judge stated that fantasy sports games are not games of chance but rather require a substantial degree of skill … Read more

India Slow To Move On Gambling Regulations

India may be one of the most populous countries in the world, but they cannot seem to get anything done in regards to legal gambling regulations. The Law Commission of India convened last year to examine the gambling industry, including online casino gambling and sports betting. The Commission failed to reach any significant consensus, leaving … Read more