Satta Matka Gambling In India – Is It Still Legal?

Indian Players AcceptedIn India, there is a dated form of gambling known as Satta Matka. “Satta” is a Hindi word that is applied to betting, in a broad sense. “Matka” is the name given to the individual game, and the term is derived from a word for a pot (pots were used to draw numbers). Considered a game of chance, Satta Matka is a lottery-style game that was quite popular between the 70s and 90s. It was offered in many locations and generated a large amount of revenue. The legal situation regarding Satta Matka has since changed, but there are still legal traces of it available. Players have also found alternative options through India legal online casinos in other games of chance, such as online keno, slots or roulette. The game has the status of an urban legend in Indian gambling culture. Its historical value to the Indian gambling industry as a whole reflects the popularity of the game. Despite legal troubles, matka has evolved.

Where Did Satta Matka Come From?

Satta Matka was founded by Ratan Khatri back in the 70s. The gambling syndicate began with betting on cotton rates from the New York market. Demand for the game grew exponentially, leading Khatri to develop this alternative version. Khatri was eventually arrested by authorities for participating in illegal gambling and served 19 months in prison. The game dissolved with his absence, though there have been adaptations developed over the years.

How Do I Play Satta Matka?

The game is relatively simple. Players must pick 3 numbers ranging from 0-9. The 3 numbers are added together, giving players a value. If that value is 2 digits, the second is used for the game output. For example, if a player chooses 2, 5 and 8, they will receive a value of 15. That “5” is taken, resulting in a draw of 2, 5, 8 *5. Next, a second set of numbers is selected and the same rules apply—3 numbers, added together, second digit taken. Below is an example of what a final draw would look like:

2,5,8*5 X 7,4,3*4

A winning hand depends on the bets placed before the drawing begins. Players can bet on the odds of an entire number set being drawn, or perhaps just the first number drawn, second and so forth. Results are typically shown on a Satta Matka website, or on a physical matka board (back in the days of brick-and-mortar games). The game is so alluring due to its payout structure. Payout rates have a wide range, and increase with the specificity of your bet. The chances of winning something are decent, especially if bets are kept to a small amount and placed on getting 1 or 2 digits in the right place.

Where Can I Play Satta Matka?

Satta Matka is entirely online now—at least legally, and is only available with free play options. There is a mobile version of the game through a Satta Matka app available in the Google Play marketplace among other sources. The app features game results, tips, forums and more. It is only offered for Android devices. India players may be able to find some online Satta Matka websites offering real money betting on the game, but these destinations are likely illegitimate. Any brick-and-mortar games are being conducted illegally and should be avoided. 

Game Alternatives

In light of the crackdown on matka gambling, many players reverted to other games of chance. Casino games such as keno, slots and roulette operate on a similar lottery-style output. There are several offshore gambling operators servicing India players, and while they do not feature Satta Matka, there are many alternatives that suit the demand for such a game. Other online Lottery options exist as well. India's gambling laws have no mention of online gambling, so residents can participate in online gambling without prosecution.

Keno - Most Popular Alternative To Playing Satta Matka

Keno is derived from Chinese lotteries and similar to other lottery games like Satta Matka and bingo. Keno is a simple game of chance where predicting the right number leads to big payouts. Keno is easy to learn and play and contains many of the same elements as Satta Matka. However, in keno, punters are given cards that contain the numbers 1-80 of which players can choose between 1 and 15 numbers. The winning payout is determined by how many numbers the player predicts correctly. With India legal online keno accessible to punters, cards become virtual and betting on the outcome of the game takes on an exciting element as players can see instantly how many numbers they selected correctly. Online punters can access a wider range of keno variations and it is completely legal as India’s current gambling laws do not explicitly contain wording against legally licensed offshore online gaming.  Below we have included the most trusted India friendly destinations for playing keno online.

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