India Online Poker Takes Off During Pandemic Lockdown

Indian residents have been playing poker since the game was first invented in the 1800s; now residents have more options to win the pot than ever before with the rise in online poker play. 

While gambling is illegal in most states across India, except for Goa, Sikkim, and Daman, players often turn to online services accessible throughout India. India gambling laws do not address online gambling services operating outside of India; therefore, many sites cater to Indian residents who don’t have domestic options in their state. 

Online poker sites for India residents offer several different poker variations, including Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Hi/Lo, and other game variants. Online there are multiple tables that you can join. Tables a separated by buy-in levels, meaning that some tables cost 5 USD to play while other costs up to 2,000 USD. 

Online poker sites often use US currency, but there are rupee casinos and poker sites where India players can deposit, withdraw, and play with INR. To get the fastest turnaround and take advantage of the best online bonuses, we suggest you play with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Crypto is popular for its quick turnaround time when withdrawing winnings and the fact that it can be purchased online with any form of currency. 

Online poker sites often allow verified users access to other services, including legal online casinos, sports betting lines, and horse betting lines, depending on the site you choose to play. When playing these other services, it is important to know that you can use your same poker bankroll to bet on other services. However, poker bonus funds often have rollover requirements that are not counted when playing other services. 

Online poker bonuses are great for players who play a lot, but not so much for the casual player since funds can be locked until the wagering requirements are met. Wagering requirements often include rollovers that must be met before funds can be withdrawn. Poker bonus rollovers are usually easy to fulfill due to the nature of the game. Still, depending on what offer you accept, the rollover could be higher than a regular 10-20x rollover. 

Now that the Coronavirus has essentially locked down the world, India players are finding more time to wager online. Poker is a game of skill, but online, you never know who might be sitting across the table.