Fern Kadamba Hotel Adds Casino In Goa

The Goa state government has approved a new casino located at the Fern Kadamba Hotel despite an ongoing push to remove the floating casinos from the Mandovi River. The addition of the Fern Kadamba Hotel Casino brings the land-locked casino count to 9 within state borders. 

For months Goa state officials have been trying to find a new spot to relocate the numerous floating casinos but to no avail. As of now, the only table games in the state are allowed on the river. 

The Fern Kadamba Hotel Casino has been authorized to offer electronic games only according to local regulations. The Kadamba casino site will offer 17 electronic card tables, four electronic roulette tables, five slot machines, and a money wheel. According to the Fern Kadamba Hotel’s press release, the games will fill a 300 square meter room with a maximum capacity or 100 patrons.

Other brick-and-mortar state-based casinos have to follow the same regulations set forth by local laws. While the state is looking to expand tourism, they do not seem too interested in expanding their gaming facilities. Goa casino visitors must be over the age of 21 to partake in the gaming facilities. All of Goa’s land-locked casino locations are part of luxury facilities that are used to attract tourism. 

Goa residents are not limited to state-regulated services as there are no India gambling laws that forbid the use of online offshore casinos and other gambling services. India federal laws only address what is in their jurisdiction and not offshore entities.

Online casinos offer numerous deposit methods that make it easy for India residents to fund and withdraw winnings from their personal accounts. One of the perks in using an online casino site is that some will accept cryptocurrency. Crypto deposits and withdrawals are typically faster than any other deposit method; however, not all online casinos will take the popular currency. 

While new casinos in Goa is a great start and shows that the state government is open to the idea of 21st-century gaming, they are not always the most convenient option for many residents. Some India residents even like the fact that online no one knows who you are, and for the most part, your neighbors can’t see. 

Anyone looking for online India-friendly gambling services should see our guide to legal online India casinos where we discuss the benefits and cons of online betting sites. We also offer our recommendations for the best online India casinos and list our reasons as to why each site is legitimate and trusted among industry professionals. 

One day the floating casinos are more than likely going to float off into the sunset, and the land-based casinos are basically only offering what you can legally get online.