Online Casinos Still Booming As Delta Corp Plans To Reopen To Public

India only allows in-person casinos in three states: Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. However, these domestic gambling services have been shut down or operating at a limited capacity since the coronavirus pandemic hit the second wave, and the lockdown was imposed. 

The Delta Corp, which operates casinos in Goa and Sikkim, has announced that they will be opening their Sikkim casinos on July 6, 2021. Delta Corp casinos in Goa, however, will remain closed until July 12.

Reopening of the Sikkim casinos is allowed by the federal government under strict guidelines that follow safety norms. The state will impose the safety norms to keep guests safe; these safety norms will also be extended to other public businesses. 

In Goa, COVID-19 cases were on the rise in June, and the state government has decided to extend their restrictions until July 12. Delta Corp has announced that they play on opening their Goa casino locations once the restrictions are relaxed.

Despite the restrictions, gambling in India hasn’t slowed down; it has just moved to an online platform in many cases. 

Online Casinos In India

According to Indian gambling laws, there are no restrictions for online casinos operating outside of the country. The lack of local rules is partly because the gambling laws were enacted before online casinos were easily accessible. However, today online casino has become the norm and players from India are generally accepted and catered to online.

To make funding an online gambling site easy and painless, some online casinos offer rupee deposits. While depositing with Bitcoin is still the best option, online casinos offer multiple banking options to make funding convenient. 

Why Indian Players Prefer Online Casinos

In addition to the multiple banking options listed above, Indian players typically choose online casinos over domestic casinos due to their ease of use, multiple gambling services, including sports betting and poker, and convenience.

To make things even better, online casinos offer more games and variations than you will typically find in domestic casinos.