India Online Casinos Are Booming Despite Tough Regulations On State-Based Casinos

Online casinos are more popular than ever due to their convenience, the internet boom, and the rise of the middle class in India. 

For years online casinos have been popular around the world, and with all that time to mature, we are finally entering the golden age of online betting sites. Because India does not have local laws regarding online gambling, residents over the age of 18 are allowed to gamble online as much as they want. 

India gambling laws set forth by the federal government are outdated and make no mention of online betting sites. The most recent notable gambling law passed by the federal government is the Information Technology Act of 2000which lays out punishments for online crimes. While the bill and its amendments do deal with online crimes, it does not forbid online gambling. 

Online casinos have exploded across the country where most states do not offer gambling services. The few India states that have domestic casinos limit or ban locals from gambling on their games. This ban is mainly due to states passing local laws to prevent residents’ access to wagering games. 

Recently Goa, the state with the most casinos announced that they were going to ban locals from entering the casinos. State officials are also trying to move the floating casinos out of Panaji City and more towards tourist destinations since they will soon be the only ones allowed in the casinos. 

When playing online casinos, the most important things to look for are free play options, legal-licensing, and user-friendly banking options. Since India is a rather new market to the online gambling world, there are a lot of sites out there looking to take the money of inexperienced gamblers. 

To avoid these rogue sites, always look for a gaming license that should be listed in the “about us” section or somewhere on the home page. If you can verify that a site has a legal operator’s license, you can bet that the site is legit. 

Always look for free play options. Free play options allow new or potential account holders the chance to get acquainted with the games before real money is wagered. This is also an essential step for players who are not familiar with how the games work. Free play games offered by online casinos give you a virtual bankroll and let you play whatever games you want. 

New players should also look for favorable deposit methodsDeposit methods are the currency that a site will accept. Popular deposit methods include Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. Other more traditional methods include Visa/Mastercard, Courier Check, and prepaid services. You can even find some rupee casinos available to India players.   

Online casinos have grown into a multi-billion dollar a year industry with players from all parts of the globe. India is relatively new to the global gambling market, and developments will accommodate more India players in the future.