Casinos Are Open In Goa, But Restrictions Are Still In Place; what Are My Online Options?

Since reopening post-Covid19, casinos and other gambling facilities have only operated at 50% capacity. Operating at 50% has recently caused the Delta Corp casino operators to ask for a reduction in licensing fees since for part of the year, they were forced to close, and for the last few months, they could only operate at half capacity. 

In addition to the 50% capacity rule, domestic casinos also have to abide by various other safeguards, including social distancing, mask mandates, and checking patron’s temperatures before entering. All the restrictions mentioned above have hurt the domestic casino industry in Goa, and like many other countries around the world, tourism has suffered. 

Online Casinos See Spike During Pandemic

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, India’s legal online casinos have seen a boost in users as it is now safer and offers more gambling options than their domestic counterparts. Without a doubt, online betting sites are a different experience than in-person casinos and sportsbooks. Still, the payoffs can be more significant for most users as there are fewer distractions and more betting options.

Online casinos have many perks for new account holders, including bonus options, rewards programs, and free spins. Since each online casino is different, we created in-depth India casino reviews to discuss the best and worst features of each available legal online gambling site.

Online Casino Banking Options For India Players

What is arguably the best feature online casinos offer is the sheer amount of banking options available to account holders. Not only are there now rupee casinos available online, but you can find other banking options such as Bitcoin, altcoins, P2P apps, Visa, and more. 

For most online gamblers, banking options are crucial for fast payouts and deposits. We typically suggest cryptocurrencies since they are easy to transfer and feature some of the quickest payout options available online. When using Bitcoin, turnaround times are typically 12-24 hours; however, other cryptos can deliver instantaneous transfers.