Why India Players Should Play Online Instead Of Domestic Casinos

There are not many domestic casinos located in India, but out of the few, there is only a handful of them allow India residents to use their services. 

For years India state governments have flip-flopped on the idea of offering domestic casinos to tourists and locals. Currently, there are only three states that offer casino gambling: Goa, Sikkim, and Daman. Each of these states has enacted special state laws to allow the casinos to operate. Federal regulations do forbid the operation of gambling houses, but states have found clever ways around those laws.

Federal gambling laws do not address online gambling due to their age; however, loose wordings could be used to apply to online gaming. Despite how some people interpret the laws, online wagering from offshore sites is permitted unless specifically banned by state laws. 

There are many benefits of online casino gambling over the local casinos, but below we will discuss the top three reasons why India players should sign up online and ditch the politics surrounding domestic state-licensed casinos. 

Bonus Funds

Online casinos have bonus funds for everybody, depending on the type of player you are. Online you can easily find Welcome bonuses, Reload bonuses, Bitcoin bonuses, and more. These funds are intended for frequent players as there are often rollover requirements attached to the bonus. 


Online casinos offer more mobility and flexibility than any other casino can due to their mobile nature. In addition to their convenience, some online casinos will offer additional services including sports bettingpoker, bingo, and more under one player account.


Another great reason to play online is that players can remain anonymous to their peers. In India, some religious groups frown upon casino gambling and are a significant part of why more areas are pushing to restrict access to residents. 

Online casinos now offer more payment options than ever before, making it easier to sign up, deposit, and start playing. Deposit methods vary from site to site, but India players now have more options than ever before.