Are Domestic Online Gambling Services Coming To India?

While Indian online casinos and sportsbooks are already available through licensed offshore gambling sites, the federal government is considering legalizing and licensing domestic casinos and other online gambling sites soon.

A new seven-member panel consisting of state ministers has been assigned to guide the gambling industry. The team will be responsible for developing regulatory practices to protect players and create a transparent domestic online gambling industry. 

The new regulators will study the legal and legislative framework with other gambling sectors worldwide. They will use their findings to create new policies and help debunk the anti-gambling sentiment in much of India.

Online Gambling Regulation

As it stands now, Indian gambling laws allow players from India to access online gambling sites operating outside the country, even though it is often frowned upon in public opinion. India’s officials hope to curb illegal gambling activities, including illegally operating casinos, domestic bookies, and illegal card rooms.

According to Kashmir Lifethe Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) welcomes the new online gambling initiative and stated that the government acknowledges the online gambling industry’s potential in India. In March of 2022, the All-India Game Federation (AIGF) asked states to take a proactive approach and develop a policy framework for future online gambling initiatives.

Despite the lack of domestic casinos and sportsbooks, no federal law bans online or domestic gambling operations; that legislation is left solely to the states. Currently, three states allow domestic gambling sites Goa, Sikkim, and Daman.

Pros and Cons Of Domestic Online Services

With the addition of domestic online casinos, the new services will have pros and cons if implemented. One of the top benefits will be that more online services will start accepting the rupee (INR). However, online rupee casinos already exist, but there will be more options for players looking to fund their accounts and bet with the rupee.

Some cons of domestic gambling sites include local registries, lack of global deposit options, and strict regulations that could lead to lockouts or deleted accounts.

For most Indian players, we assume that they will stick with what they know. For the most part, offshore gambling sites offer lucrative bonus options, cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal options, and a plethora of online casino games that are easy to access from a desktop or mobile device.